Thursday, December 3, 2009


Well, I figured my blog is long over due for an update. Back in September, we met a woman (lets call her Jenn), a potential 3rd for a threesome. We chatted over text messages and I ended up meeting up with her a few weeks later at the YMCA and our kids played. We seemed to hit it off as friends but I was still unsure if her interest lie with me or with my husband and if she would even contemplate being with me. We knew we would be seeing her on Halloween as we had a costume party to go to and she was going to be there too. I told hubby "If its going to happen, then things will start that night"! Well low and behold, two other woman were causing a stir and we (Jenn and I) asked what was going on.....We were told Tara and Amber are outside kissing. Hmmm I looked at Jenn and she looked at me and she said "Hell its not like its us out there kissing, whats all the fuss about"? I took that as the green light that she was interested in me. A little later, while she was sitting right next to me, I texted her and said "want to give them a GOOD show", she replied Sure, so we went outside and while a little awkward at first (who should make the first move......God I felt 13 again), Jenn leaned in and I was hooked!!! We ended up in the bathroom by the end of the night for about 45 didnt seem that long. Not much more than kissing and touching, but it was good!! Until Amber had to continuously attempt to get into the bathroom. A week later, Jenn came over, we went out shopping, then came back to my house, where by 1 am, the 3 of us were in my bed enjoying every minute!! It happened again the following week and it got a little better this time as we were a little more relaxed. She ate my pussy, it was wonderful and all that I expected and more (she has a tongue ring). I was not yet ready to take that step, so I let hubby return the favor. =) Then on Black Friday she came over again, this time, we were all in bed by midnight and I was now ready to take that step and once I did, I had NO idea why I waited so long. It was a great night, one that I cant wait to repeat.